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Our mission is to Say Goodbye to Internet Downtime by keeping business online 24/7 and reacting to internet issues immediately and seamlessly.

Built for Today's Businesses

RocketFailover was created to help businesses compete and operate in today's changing landscape. Rocketfailover delivers on a simple promise, keep your business online, always. With dedicated teams and solutions built around our clients, we can deliver that promise 365 days per year.

Dedicated Support Team

RocketFailover is a product suite from Thinix — our vision is to be the trusted choice for managed technology solutions; we furnish our world-wide customer base with distinct business advantages by making technology easy, safe, and secure.

Thinix proudly supports over 15,000 devices in more than 75+ countries, and has exceeded over 150 million hours of secure uptime. Our support staff at Thinix maintain the education, training, and forethought necessary to stay ahead of the technological curve. RocketFailover bolsters our vision for the future as one of the most trusted products in business continuity plans. 



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