Say Goodbye To Internet Downtime

RocketFailover provides everything you need to add a backup internet connection. When your primary internet connection fails, traffic is automatically routed to your backup connection and alerts are sent so you know to contact your primary ISP.

RocketFailover packages start at just $19.95/month and include: a fully-managed backup internet connection over 4G/LTE, an automatic failover hardware appliance, 4G/LTE data service, and 24/7/365 monitoring and support.

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Increase Uptime

Increase Uptime

Customers Return

Customers Return

Do More Business

Do More Business

Grow Revenue

Grow Revenue

24/7 Uptime

When a primary connection goes offline, your systems will begin using RocketFailover to continue operations. We'll keep customers coming back and staff productivity up.

Deployment is Easy

RocketFailover is designed to be deployed and running in under five minutes. With a plug-and-play system you don’t have to be an IT whiz to get the best in backup internet.

Network Monitoring for Humans

iStatus network monitoring integrates with RocketFailover to provide human readable alerts for IT staff and site managers alike. Issues are quickly identified, uptime is maintained, and operations run smoothly.

Gain the Competitive Edge

Our data tells us that businesses today face an average of 6.7 days (160 hours) of Internet downtime per year. For inventory, credit card transactions, and customer satisfaction, businesses need 24/7 connectivity. Rocketfailover ensures your business has staying power and strength in today's competitive marketplace.

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Easy To Install

Only RocketFailover has easy 'Live-in-Five' assisted installation and operates on the nation’s largest 4G LTE network with the lowest total cost of ownership of any enterprise-grade cellular backup solution.

Designed for Distributed Enterprise

RocketFailover is the only cellular failover solution that was built from the ground up to meet the unique Internet continuity requirements of businesses with branch and remote locations.

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