RocketFailover Autopilot

Simple Failover Now

Built to work with any existing firewall, Autopilot is our simplest solution and is capable of delivering a failover Internet connection in seconds. Autopilot is a high-performance solution made for smaller branch offices and operations. This type of system will allow anyone to install an Internet failover that keeps operations online without extensive IT knowledge.

RocketFailover has been successfully installed in many different applications such as convenience stores, retail stores, multi-location businesses, restaurants, government, and healthcare.

Key Features

World Class Support

Rocketfailover is supported by our Forever Warranty™ and our Thinix support team. With experience in supporting IT needs in over 121 countries, our world-class team has successfully maintained secure uptime of over 150 million hours.

Data Pooling and Custom Plans

Locations can have different needs, but data pooling helps keep costs down while delivering huge potential savings. With data plans built for you, multiple locations can share data to help keep your business as efficient as possible.

iStatus – Intelligent Monitoring Tools for Critical Connections

iStatus helps unite IT teams and managers so businesses can react before customers complain of downtime. With 24/7/365 monitoring and reporting, iStatus provides instant push notifications, intelligent email alerts, and ConnectionValidation™ to allow your business to stay ahead of IT problems.

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ConnectionValidation is a patent pending iStatus technology that allows continuous testing and validating of backup connections to ensure our Always-On 4G™ can meet your business needs.

Powerful Nationwide Coverage

From coast to coast, our powerful nationwide 4G/LTE coverage ensures your business will remain connected. With automatic connection failover, and a static IP address your business continues to operate at lightning speed.

Secure, PCI Compliant Architecture

Our technology effortlessly integrates with today’s systems, keeping you secure along with your customer’s data. With Live-In-Five™ preconfigured hardware, installation is simple and cost savings are huge compared to other secondary connection options.

Easy To Install

Only RocketFailover has easy 'Live-in-Five' assisted installation and operates on the nation’s largest 4G LTE network with the lowest total cost of ownership of any enterprise-grade cellular backup solution.

Additional Features

RocketFailover is Live-In-Five Minutes

Live in Five

Capable of being up and running in under five minutes, Autopilot is a plug-and-play system so you don’t have to be an IT whiz to get the best in backup Internet.

RocketFailover is High Performance

High Performance

Keeping today’s technology online and in step with successful business continuity plans requires the best products available. Whether you need 1Gb or 100Gb our Autopilot solution is up to the task.

RocketFailover Autopilot has Zero Configuration

Zero Configuration

Take it from the box and just plug it into your modem and router/firewall. With ConnectionValidation™ you’ll know that your backup is in place and ready to keep you online 24/7.

We operate skilled nursing care facilities and Internet connectivity is critical for our patient care. RocketFailover keeps us connected to our cloud-based electronic healthcare records system when our primary Internet service provider has an outage.

—Christy Hofsaess, Vice President of Finance
Hawkeye Care Centers of Iowa

Dedicated Management Staff

With AutoPilot, your device comes ready right out of the box. Our team has created a fluid system that integrates you and your IT staff without having to read complex manuals or books. When issues do arise, you can count on our certified staff to provide support and solutions.

Never Worry About Your Internet

Make sure your vital line-of-business applications are always connected.