Flyer Download: RocketFailover Overview

Discover how RocketFailover can give your business staying power and strength in today's competitive marketplace. 

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Restaurant Case Study: Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

Bringing a secondary, redundant connection to multiple locations is almost-always expensive or logistically challenging. Locations were experiencing several Internet outages per month until RocketFailover arrived.

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C-Store Case Study: Boonedock's 'Strikes Oil' With New RocketFailover Service

Serving an average of 500,000 customers per year, The Boonedock's needed stability to drive revenue and create business continuity. Discover how RocketFailover helped them Strike Oil!

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Retail Case Study: Multi-location Enterprise Achieves Uptime Stability

With 60+ retail store and distribution locations, 500+ employees, and thousands of customers, Arnold Motor Supply (AMS) knows how critical Internet connectivity is to their business.

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Healthcare Case Study: Letting Resident Care Be Your #1 Priority

Hawkeye Care Centers of Iowa has been successfully providing personalized senior care for over 40 years, and depends heavily on their cloud-based, electronic medical record system (EMR) for 24/7/365 care. 

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Whitepaper: The Ugly Truth About Internet Downtime

Did you know 65% of organizations require and entire hour to resolve individual internet disruptions?

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